Sunday, January 24, 2010

There is a holiday to celebrate every day!

I think the more we can celebrate, the more exciting life can be.  Celebrations are good for the soul, for the spirits, and the world.  They inspire creativity and thoughtfulness.  I don't see why we should be confined to just a few of the "biggies" every year.  There are terrific holidays out there, just waiting to be observed by some intrepid, imaginative souls.

I will try to bring you a holiday for each day of the week.  They may come all bundled up at the beginning of the week, or they may be posted daily, but they will be there, along with suggestions for celebrating them and creative things to do based on their customs.

Celebrate the season - every day may not be Christmas, as I wished as a child, but every day can be a holiday!  Party on!

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